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A Message from Greg

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my campaign website.

My name is Greg Warnock and I am running for the state Senate. I grew up in Salem, I went to school here, my wife Shelly and I raised our five children here,  Oregon is our forever home.

We have been involved in everything from little league to legislative advocacy, and we are concerned about the direction our state is going.  I am running for this office because we cannot afford four more years of the same failed leadership that has led Oregon into its current terrible dilemmas.  Our state’s progress has remained stagnant for at least a decade, it’s time for a change in direction.

When Portland’s anarchist like special interests dominate the political agenda, or when unions continue to bully our legislators, very little gets done. Our farmers and ranchers, our homebuilders and contractors, our public safety and teachers, and our small businesses concerns cannot continue to survive by getting run over by an uncaring and elitist bureaucracy.

Our community deserves better!

As our state Senator, I will do better. I will listen to you, learn with you and lead beside you.

Many school districts are being forced to cut teachers again. Small businesses just suffered a BILLION dollar tax increase.  Fire Districts are relegated to holding their boots out asking for donations.  Our police service budgets are unstable, in some cases budgets are temporary. All with little support for their stress management.  We have very little resilience in the face of a big natural disaster.

Leads one to ask the simple question; What has the legislature been doing all these years?

As a professional program manager, I take multi-million dollar projects from design to delivery and manage multi-functional leaders to get the job done.  I have helped build a company that will bring affordable solutions and jobs to help solve many of the problems facing the NW’s grid storage needs all while providing jobs for up to 1,000 Oregonians.  We offer renewable energy solutions because they are commercially viable and create jobs, not just because they are green.  I am a problem solver- a solutions advocate, and I have been all my life.

My experience as a program manager, a business leader, serving as a veteran’s advocate and community involvement provides the experience to be successful representing the great people of Senate District 11.

If you believe as I do that these important issues must be addressed, I humbly ask for your support this election.

Very truly,

Warnock for State Senate